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Miguel Jose's background in Clothing design, graphic design and photography with over 15 years experience in fashion, From Surf to Pin Up to Urban Street-wear, definitely has allowed him the value for detail to achieve the ultimate photo. Miguel Jose has gained the discriminating visual skills necessary to allow him to tackle the variety of Challenges assigned to him with his expertise knowledge in design production process, color theory, color retouching, enhancing images and layouts to provide him with the requisite tools to execute his ideas.
Miguel's photographic work with mixed media digital imagery is best described as both primal and ethereal, touching upon the spiritual surreal.
With his passion for traveling the world in search of influences in order to capture everything from Fashion, Portraits, Products, Food, People and Culture, combined with his love of Photojournalism. In his quest to create beautiful images in both black and white, sepia mixes and vivid brilliant colors, his images tend to be different, hauntingly beautiful and edgy. The playful use of color as well as the hi/low contrast of his black and white images tend to grab your attention.
Please feel free to contact him @: mjmdesign@ca.rr.com

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